May 14th, 2020
A new world we live in.  Here is a photo of your committee meeting via Zoom discussing rescheduling events.  Notice they are toasting you, all our classmates!

Top Left to Right:  Carolyn, Tom N, Peter, Mel, Stan, Kim, Karen, Craig, Tom S, Knab, Leslie, Emily, Jim.

Following the 45 year reunion the committee all donated to purchase a brick at the Oswego Heritage House to commerate our class and support their cause.  
See http://www.oswegoheritage.org/

LOHS CLASS OF 1970 Graduation Day Photos

Here are a few graduation photos from our yearbook. 

Please add any photos you might have saved.

1970 Year Book

Activities from our senior year
45 Year reunion at the Lake Theater

Photo Collection

Feel free to add your memories